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Title: The Only Opinion That Matters
Author: [ profile] seariderfalcon  
Fandom: Who's the Boss?
Rating: G

His face scrunched in consternation. His hands squeezed into tight fists. He was not happy. A small grunt made it clear that he intended to vocalize this dissatisfaction soon.

In truth, he looked like a grumpy old man, even in calmer moments when he wasn't hungry, tired, or needing a diaper changed.

Like most babies, he wasn't that pretty.

They grinned. It didn't matter.

He had ten little fingers, ten little toes, a head of surprisingly thick, dark, downy hair, and clean bill of health. That was all they needed. As far as they were concerned, their baby was perfect.

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Title: Broken
Author: [ profile] seariderfalcon  
Fandom: Who's the Boss?
Rating: G


Tony hurried into the living room, startled by the outburst. Angela sat on the sofa with her hand clutched to her chest and a grimace contorting her face. He rushed to her, panicked.

"Angela! You okay?"

She pouted and held out her hand for him to inspect.

"I broke my nail."

Relief washed over him. "Oh, is that all?"

"It really hurt!"

Offended, she tried to yank her hand from his but he grasped her hand tighter. Bringing it to his lips, he kissed the injured finger.

"All better?" he whispered.

"All better," she answered, breathless but smiling now.

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Title: Accept No Substitutes
Author: [ profile] seariderfalcon 
Fandom:Who's the Boss?
Rating: G

It's just the right size -- not too big or too small. Cut and shaped evenly.

Its weight has been a comforting presence for years and Angela loves what it represents. After many long years of not being sure where things stood between herself and Tony, she's carried this tangible reminder on her left hand, a promise made, that their futures are to be forever entwined.

She flexes and tilts her hand so that the diamond catches the light and sparkles.

Tony offered to "upgrade" her ring for their fifteenth anniversary. She refused. The one she already has is perfect.