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Title: With This Ring
Author: Rina (Searider Falcon)
Summary: With love, elation, and a certain bit of trepidation, Niles and C.C. begin the first day of the rest of their lives.
Pairing: Niles/C.C. Babcock
Disclaimer: The Nanny and its characters are all the property of Sony Pictures, High School Sweethearts, and Sternin & Fraser's Ink, Inc. I make no profit from writing and sharing this story.

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Title: Miracle on 75th Street
Rating: PG
Summary: A Hanukkah Story fill-in ficlet written for the 2012 Niles/CC Advent Calendar.

Title: Naughty or Nice
Rating: G
Summary: C.C. has a couple unsettling encounters with Good Ol' Saint Nick. Also written for the 2012 Niles/CC Advent Calendar.

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Title: In Vino Veritas
Rating: T with the last chapter probably qualifying as a light M
Summary: Blame it on the alcohol. Six times Niles and C.C. let liquor loosen their inhibitions and one time they didn't need it.


Title: Ho Freakin' Ho
Rating: T
Summary: They've always been bitter together on the holidays. Written for EspoirDio's Niles/CC Advent Calendar.


Title: Joy Comes in the Morning
Rating: T
Summary: She's almost certain that a single night of really, really good sex, no matter how fantastically mind blowing in its wonderfulness, should not all but alter her personality.