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Title: Heat Wave
Characters: Joseph Adama/Laura Roslin
Summary: "Where'd you get those?"
Kink: Inspired by a comment [ profile] icedteainthebag made. Written for [ profile] bsg_kink's 3rd drabble contest.

"Where'd you get those?" Joseph admired how the fabric just skimmed the top of her thighs, leaving little to imagination.

Laura smirked as she knelt over him. "Found them in the living room. I'm cold."

"I'll warm you up then."

He thumbed her nipple as it strained against cloth. Whimpering, she pressed his hand fully to her breast and encouraged him to massage it before guiding them both to heated bliss.

Later, he'd have no idea what to tell Bill when asked where his uniform tanks went. He realized too late that she left still wearing them under her blouse.

Title: Like Father, Like Son?
Characters: Joseph/Laura, Bill&Laura
Summary: A sequel to Heat Wave. Tied Second Place Best Caprica Drabble in [ profile] bsg_kink's 3rd drabble contest.

"Where'd you get those?"


"I haven't seen a set like that since the first Cylon War."

"Oh! These ratty old things? I snagged them from an old fla-"

Oh. Gods.

She can't look at Bill as the realization hits her. It was so long ago she hadn't thought of him in decades, never made the connection.

With sudden clarity, she recalls Joseph Adama pounding into her.

Hands tightly grasping her breasts.

Teeth gently manipulating the nipple of one through the tanks.


With a guilty glance toward Bill, she's gotta admit he certainly came by his sexual prowess naturally.

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